Zorro – A beautiful dad cat with a baby that looks exactly like him

Meet Boy, the lovely cat that was given the nickname Zorro in honor of the legendary vigilante wearing a mask and his new feline sidekick, Bandit.

Indraini Wahyudin Noor is a cat lover and he has many cats in his house. However, among them, there is a cat that he loves the most.

It’s not difficult to recognize this remarkable cat, although comic book logic claiming that it’s impossible to tell who it is hidden behind a mask.

This cat’s name is Boy, but many people like to call him Zorro, and now he’s a dad.

One kitten, in particular, stood out among the litter Zorro fathered because he had his father’s handsome features.

Like his father, he too wore a mask and a cap, thus it is only appropriate that he was given the nickname Bandit.

With such a unique look, it was only natural that a cat would almost instantly get attention online.

In his most well-liked TikTok video, the boy is surviving the storm.

The video of the son and father combo in masks on TikTok has garnered millions of views and everyone’s attention.