“Your horse is going to die,” the vet informs the owner. He responds, “Not today.”

Alwyn Wils loves animals and assists them wherever necessary. He discovers numerous horses who were not treated well in a horse market. They were imprisoned, parched, and ravenous.

Alwyn resolves to provide them with food and drinkable water. But as he was tending to the horses, he discovered a little horse and his owner wandering around. He was so led throughout the marketplace in order to catch the interest of the people.

The little horse was dejected, frail, and in need of medical care. Alwyn makes the decision to get a veterinarian on-site to assess the wellbeing of this unique animal. But sadly, the helpless creature was sick with a fever and was extremely frail.

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The veterinarian predicted that the horse would not live very long. Alwyn then chooses to adopt the little horse and asks the owner to give it to him. He was unable to neglect the horse, though.

Even if he didn’t have space, he wouldn’t leave this helpless animal to perish on its own without trying. He wished to protect him. He then brings the horse home and has him properly examined. The horse appeared to be seriously ill, which frightened him.

He only weighed 16 kilograms, and the veterinarian confirmed that he did have a fever. Due to improper feeding, even his heart was not functioning properly. He had an eye infection and a worm infection, which only made matters worse. He also had lice all over his body and his joint pained.

Alwyn remained optimistic despite the issue. He dealt with the worms and lice before letting him play in the yard. After a few days, the young horse is in excellent condition and enjoys spending his leisure time galloping around the yard.