Woman Moved by Cop’s Kindness to Stranded Dog During Heatwave

“He told me, ‘I’m going to sit right here until she trusts me’” ❤️

Kaye Fiorello was traveling along a Tennessee highway last week on a searing hot day when she noticed a highway patrol officer parked just off the lane. She didn’t think much of it at the time, but it turned out to be an excellent observation.

Fiorello continued on her walk when she noticed something else that made her stop.

“About a mile up the road, this little dog’s head popped up on the side of the road,” Fiorello told The Dodo. “She looked like she’d been there for some time.”

Fiorello wanted to aid the stranded puppy, and she knew precisely where to look.

Fiorello turned her car around and drove back the way she’d come, remembering the cop she’d seen. She pulled up behind the police and informed him about the puppy, not understanding she’d changed both of their lives forever with that interaction.

“He asked where [she was], and took off after her,” Fiorello said. “I followed him, pointing out the area.”

When they arrived, they noted that the dog appeared to be hurt and afraid. She was initially suspicious of the officer’s approach, but he offered her water and food in an effort to gain her trust. He didn’t stop there, though.

He sat at the pup’s side after phoning animal control for assistance, clutching an umbrella to shield her from the hot sun.

Fiorello was immensely moved by his devotion to the dog.

“He told me, ‘I’m going to sit right here until she trusts me,’” Fiorrello said, adding that the dog seemed to sense the trooper’s kind heart. “She seemed to breathe a happy dog sigh. And those doe eyes — the difference was night and day. They connected. It was powerful. I was crying some happy tears for that girl.”

And it turns out that this relationship would not be fleeting.

Fiorello had to continue on her route before backup arrived, but she later learned that the dog had been successfully rescued and was being treated at the vet. She had a broken hip, but it wasn’t anything she’d have to deal with on her own.

For that section, the officer would also be by her side.

A week after being found on the side of the road, injured and alone, the pup found a home. The officer made the decision to keep her permanently.

“Adopted! He got her today!” Fiorello said. “Her name is Princess, and she will go home from the vet in a couple, maybe two, weeks.”

Princess’ happy ending couldn’t have been more perfect for Fiorello, whose impulse to find treatment for the injured pup resulted in the canine’s entire life changing forever.

“It was like it was meant to be,” she said.