Woman in Oregon saves one horse, and then goes on to save more than two hundred other animals

After reaching the age of 50, Claire Staples made the decision to focus her life on something more significant. She owned a small ranch in California and made the decision to take in a couple of horses that needed rescuing. However, the more animals she rescued, the more she became aware that there were a great number of creatures that required space and a location where they could once again be free.


After working in animal rescue for a few years, she decided to purchase a ranch in Oregon with 9,000 acres and name it Skydog Sanctuary. She just just saved a horse with the unfortunate name of Dream who was extremely malnourished. Claire felt compelled to reassure the horse that she was not in danger and that everything would be all right.


Claire had taken in a lot of horses, but this one was the skinniest one she had ever seen. Despite this, she had made up her mind to assist the unfortunate person without giving any consideration to what might occur in the future. The person who rescued the horse took measures to ensure that it remained psychologically and physically healthy.

Claire’s relationship with the horse improved and it began to become more friendly. She progressed in her relationship with him day by day, becoming closer and closer. She had prepared a board with the times of her meals and had written them on it. The rescuer would make the trip down to check on her first thing each morning. Soon after, she noticed that the horse was standing by the fence, waiting for her to return.


The successful completion of Claire’s rescue mission satisfied her. Her first and foremost passion had always been horses.

In the beginning, Claire had the idea that perhaps she would be able to save fifty horses in addition to a few donkeys, but the number of animals just kept expanding. As of right present, Skydog Sanctuary is home to over 200 horses and is continuing to expand.

Claire saw it as the activity that had provided her with the greatest sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to that point in her life. The person who rescued the horses wanted them to recover both emotionally and physically. The fact that the horses were regaining their vitality brought her an incredible amount of joy.