Woman Finds Who She Can’t Believe Is Hiding In Her Laundry Pile

“She was snug as a bug in that blue blanket and not giving it up.”

A woman recently heard soft rustling in her shed, underneath a stack of clothes.

Two large brown eyes were peering up at her when she cautiously pulled back piece of the cloth, and she knew she had to assist.

Screenshot via Facebook

Unexpectedly, a wombat who had been lost had taken shelter among the cozy blankets. The wombat had already fled by the time Yolandi Vermaak, the organization’s president and founder, arrived.

Screenshot via Facebook

Thankfully, the wombat appeared again shortly. The young child was once again wrapped in her beloved blanket when Vermaak discovered her. Although the wombat appeared content where she was, Vermaak was been concerned that the animal might flee.

In a Facebook post, Vermaak wrote: “She wasn’t going to bolt. Not at all. She was snug as a bug in that blue blanket and not giving it up.”

Vermaak’s discovery video may be seen here:

Vermaak deduced that the wombat sought refuge in the cozy, dry clothes after a heavy downpour caused her tunnel to overflow. The woman was pleased to assist Vermaak when he asked whether she would mind letting the wombat remain for a few days until her burrow dried.

Vermaak told The Dodo, “This woman went above and beyond. [She added] an old mattress [and] also took a blanket and hung it over pegs over the mattress to form a little cave … to give the wombat a little security. The wombat loved this and slept under it for a few days.”

The wombat was given mange treatment by Vermaak, and she seemed relieved to get it at last.

Vermaak said, “She didn’t growl or run. [She] just lay there and let me treat her.”

Since wombats don’t often get in contact with people, Vermaak thinks that when one shows up at your door, it’s because they are in trouble—usually because their burrow has been penetrated or they are unwell.

Vermaak adds, “[When] they go into sheds or under porches, [they] are asking for help.”

Screenshot via Facebook

This happy wombat is undoubtedly appreciative of everyone who helped her, especially now that she has a dry hole to retreat to and a coat free of potentially hazardous mange.

And she knows there is a warm, secure blanket nearby in case she ever discovers her burrow flooded once more.

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