Woman establishes a shelter and saves 501 horses from slaughter

One woman came to the conclusion that enough was enough and took action. Anyone with a conscience and a heart can be inspired by her.

Numerous horses are transported to slaughterhouses where they suffer a gruesome end at the hands of the butcher. When an angel saved them, their ordeal was over.

Beautiful Californian Alicia Goetz, who had a kind heart, was unable to endure the heinous deed. She constructed a huge residence, resembling a heavenly refuge, to accommodate the stallions.

With her superhuman hands, Alicia has already saved more than 500 horses, and she’s only getting started. Alicia went one step further in her activism for wildlife protection by founding Freedom Reign Equine Sanctuary.

The building, which covers more than 3,000 acres in the lush field of San Benito County, California, was built in 2012. The horses are now free to roam the field and take pleasure in the brisk air.

Before mixing with the current residents, new migrants are isolated. The horses receive two hoof trimmings a year in addition to vaccinations. Young goals can be seen running around in the herds, which have significantly expanded.

Private tourists stop by to see the sanctuary that Alicia has created. The wildlife rehabilitator works tirelessly to maintain the sanctuary alone without receiving any funding from donations.

No matter their past, stallions feel at home in the secure sanctuary. Their appreciation for Alicia knows no bounds. She works nonstop to save the endangered horses at the slaughterhouse.