Wise Dog Joins Wedding Dance, Rejoices with Its Newly Married Owners, Rare Moment Goes Viral

A viral Instagram video showed a rare occasion when a dog joined its owners on stage to dance. The couple had recently married and were observing their wedding dance when the dog sprang onto the stage and participated in the fun.

Ghost is the name of the smart dog. Ghost, the dog, raised its forelimbs and laid them on the couple, who responded by holding on to the dog.

The scene was so beautiful that some social media users are at a loss for words to describe it.

The dog did not wait to be summoned and was also not prepared to be left out of the celebration.

Its unusual behavior was hailed with joy and uproar during the celebration, even as attendees filmed it on tape.

@larnzie25 commented: “Awwww! That’s so cute” @klash. jack reacted: “Dogs jealous that the guys now got other priorities other then just him/her.”

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