Incredible moment: Wild orangutan extends a hand to a man who is stuck in mud

One of the most amazing animal species on the planet is the orangutan. They are among humans’ closest ancestors, and their exceptional intelligence and human-like traits are proof of this.

It turns out that they are a highly kind animal that knows how to assist a person in need. That is what one magnificent ape demonstrated by “helping out” a total stranger. Anil Prabhakar is an Indonesian nature photographer. He was affected in 2019 when he discovered the challenges of orangutans, who are in danger of extinction owing to habitat destruction and hunting.

He received a tour from a group called the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, according to The Dodo. He planned to gain more knowledge about the species and, ideally, take some pictures of it.

Venomous snakes are another threat to orangutans, and Prabhakar observed as a warden moved in to rid the area of snakes in order to protect the apes while he was on the safari.

But as he was doing so, the man became mired in the mud, and Prabhakar saw a truly amazing sight: an orangutan extended out a hand to free the man.

Prabhakar made sure to capture the beautiful scene on camera. He told CNN that “I saw an orangutan come very close to him and just offer him his hand.” He never anticipated that happening and merely seize that opportunity. It was very moving. He’s very grateful that moment occurred to him.

The orangutan offered to help the warden who was trapped in the mud, but the man turned him down. The Dodo claimed that it was his responsibility to protect the creatures and not to meddle with them, and that the orangutan’s firm hold might have caused more harm than good. The warden simply walked away. According to Bored Panda, later, when Prabhakar questioned him about it, he responded that it was a wild animal that was unfamiliar to us.

Nevertheless, it was a moving sight and just the kind of event Prabhakar sought to record on his expedition—a picture that inspires viewers to save this threatened species. He told The Dodo, “In my opinion, every picture can speak for itself. I’m more interested in attempting to convey a sentiment I can relate to.” Many people who have seen the photo agree that it demonstrates how orangutans are equally as loving and sympathetic as people are, if not more so.

The photographer captioned his Instagram snap, “Once humanity dies in mankind, sometimes animals are guiding us back to our basics.” Jamartin Sihite, the CEO of the BOSF, told The Jakarta Post, “We’re very happy to see the positive responses people give to this picture.” When we look at this image, we can’t help but speculate that wild creatures might treat humans better than we treat them.