Wild Mustang remembers his girlfriend after 2 years apart

The truth is that, while there are many beautiful things in the world, nothing beats seeing a wild horse in its natural habitat. Too few people ever have the opportunity to truly experience it. It’s not just a common sight for those who run a horse sanctuary that specializes in protecting mustangs; it’s also a situation where incredible things could happen.

Clare Staples, the founder and CEO of Skydog Sanctuary, noticed a photograph on American Wildhorse Campaign. Ghost was captured on camera watching Phoenix, a wild mustang, attempt to jump out of a catch pen. Phoenix was able to leave the pen that day, but he was wary of going too far. He returned to keep an eye on his family. Staples claims that such strong bonds between wild mustangs and their families are common.

After a few days, Staples discovered Phoenix and was preparing to rescue him. Instead of being imprisoned, he was to be set free. Skydog Sanctuary is more than just a place where wild horses can be rescued and treated; it also allows them to be released back into the wild. According to the Skydog Sanctuary website, Staples paid a visit to the location where Ghost and Phoenix were being held captive.

When they were unable to adopt the family, they learned that Phoenix and a male companion were being released into the wild. Phoenix was present when Staples frequently dropped by, but Ghost was not. She discovered that plans had changed and that the stallions would not be released until the following year. She assumed the horse had been adopted at the time. She then placed Phoenix for adoption in order to give him the freedom he so richly deserves.

Phoenix went to the Skydog Ranch in Oregon after the adoption was finalized. Phoenix didn’t seem bothered by his new surroundings, but it was clear that he missed Ghost. Staples continued to look, but nothing was found for over two years before something changed. “I found Ghost on the Internet Adoption and immediately bid on her to reunite her with Phoenix, almost two years after the roundup,” she explained.

She eventually won the bid and was able to reunite the two horses. It was a huge success in the end. They also celebrate the reconciliation of Phoenix and Ghost. The fact that they now spend their days together and appear to be inseparable suggests that it has also significantly improved Phoenix’s mood. Check out the video below for more information, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to share it on social media!