Widespread Outrage Occurs After Carriage Horse Collapse In New York City On A Hot Day

When a carriage horse collapsed on the street during rush hour on Wednesday, a crowd gathered near 45th and 9th in New York City.

The next scene they witnessed was tragic.

“Get up! Get up!” the chariot driver shouted and swatted the horse with the reins in an attempt to get the horse to stand up.

Kelvin Gonzalez and a number of other bystanders stepped in to halt the incident, instructing the guy to stop pounding the horse and offer him water. Gonzalez told The New York Post: “I told him, ‘Yo, stop whipping him, give him some water. That’s a horse, not a machine.’”

“It’s really sad, man. You can tell that horse was not taken care of. You can tell he was exploiting that horse. The horse was hungry, he was thirsty. You can tell the horse collapsed from the thirst.”

Even with the driver screaming at him and pushing at him, the horse wouldn’t stand up. that day was 87 degrees. He soon fell to his side, his head hitting the scorching pavement.

The NYPD was contacted for assistance.

When mounted police came, they cooled the horse down by dumping ice and water on him. He recovered and put his head on a cushion. Over an hour passed as the horse lay motionless on the scorching pavement before he was able to stand by himself.

He was placed in a trailer and transported to a neighboring stable, where a veterinarian inspected him.

The Transport Workers Union said that this bay horse is called Ryder and is 14 years old. They assert that he passed out due to EPM, a neurological condition brought on by swallowing possum droppings.

Melissa Colorado, an NBC New York correspondent, tweeted: “He’s the most famous horse 🐴 in NYC – but for the wrong reasons.
Ryder is the sick horse who collapsed yesterday in midtown, prompting outrage from animal rights activists.
We paid Ryder a visit today at the Transport Workers Union stable to see how he’s doing.”

Ryder was observed in the barn munching hay and standing by himself. But many remarked on how frail and gaunt he appeared.

To stop the mistreatment of carriage horses, the NY Class posted:  “ABUSE: Ryder, the horse who collapsed in Midtown, is in a desperate state right now, stuck inside a stable with his abusers and no real vet care. @NYPDPaws needs to investigate now – we believe animal cruelty laws have been violated. Release Ryder to a waiting sanctuary!”

According to a statement issued by the NYPD:  “The NYPD takes the health and well-being of our four-legged friends in New York City very seriously, and are glad that our trained equestrian officers were able to assist.”

More individuals are demanding an immediate ban on horse-drawn carriages in NYC in response to the terrible occurrence. For years, animal rights activists have pushed for a prohibition. Electric carriages will take the role of horse-drawn carriages under the proposed law, Intro 573.

In a tweet, NYCLASS said:  “The world is watching.”

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