While digging in his yard, a man comes across a the really big treasure

Everyone has seen it in the movies: a character hides a pile of cash in the expectation that they’ll come back to find it again someday.

It turns out that it actually does happen in real life, as this South Jersey couple discovered when they discovered money buried in the ground in their front yard that was over a century old.

To believe it, you must see it!


It’s not every day that you discover a time capsule from the past buried on your property, but Rich Gilson and his wife Suzanne had such a day this past July when they discovered something intriguing in their front yard.

The Gilson family opted to excavate their front yard last month without knowing they would discover an artifact from the past in the shape of old money.

Rich hit glass while he was digging and came across what he believed to be root balls.


Rich saw what at first seemed to be root balls were actually money wrapped in burlap when he took a closer look.

There were two burlap balls that had money tucked inside of them that had been in a broken glass jar.

Each burlap money ball contains $1000 worth of rolled-up $10 and $20 bills with the year 1934 printed on them.


This puts into perspective how significant anything like this would have been to someone in 1934, when the Great Depression would have been in full force.

Not to add, the amount in current currency would be unbelievable.

Twenty times as much value

In today’s dollars, $2,000 in 1934 would have been worth $40,000.

Suzanne Gilson was astounded by what she saw when she searched up the price of 2,000 dollars in 1934.


The Gilsons also discovered that there was a tale hidden behind the money.

Rich first assumed it had to do with some illicit activity from the 1930s, but he quickly discovered the reality.

James Dempsey, who owned the house, had given his daughter the order to bury the money.

As Rich had initially assumed, it wasn’t the loot from a bank heist; instead, it was the money of an industrious man who simply wanted to save some money during the Great Depression.

The only issue was that once the family buried it, they lost track of where the money was and couldn’t recover it.

Rich said he won’t be spending the money anytime soon even if it isn’t a sizable sum of money since the narrative behind it makes it memorable.


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