When someone found this foal, it was in dire condition. See how it has transformed!

This statement emphasizes the importance of responsible animal ownership and highlights the negative consequences of neglecting animals. It suggests that owning an animal comes with a moral obligation to provide proper care and attention, and that failing to do so can result in harm to the animal.

There are responsible and compassionate animal owners who have made a positive impact and brought hope to animals in need, in contrast to the cruel and negligent ones.

This is a remarkable instance of how a single person can make a difference and rescue lives! When a neighbor noticed a mare and her foal being confined in their stable without being allowed out, they became concerned about their wellbeing. One day, the two horses managed to escape, and the neighbor captured a photo of the young foal and brought it to RVR Horse Rescue located in Riverview, Florida.

The photo clearly showed that Timmy, the newborn foal, was in a critical condition and unable to stand or walk. It was uncertain if he would survive. It’s heartbreaking that he had to go through such a difficult time as a young foal, but at the same time, it’s wonderful that this story has a happy ending.

After his rescue, Timmy not only survived but also thrived under the care of RVR Horse Rescue. His journey is documented in a video that emphasizes the importance of taking action in a timely manner to help animals in need. Timmy’s story can serve as a valuable lesson for us all.