When Kitty’s Best Friend Dies, His Owner Allows Him to Say Goodbye; Watch His Reaction

Animals, like humans, experience emotions. Many people may be unaware of this, which may explain why they are cruel to them.

This should not be the case because they are injured. Animals experience distress at times. They will be sad if someone they know dies or suffers.

This appears to be the case with one cat who appears to have lost his best friend. This upset him so much that his owner decided to film his reaction.

According to an article on the VCA hospital’s website, cats experience a range of emotions, including grief.

Big Boy and Chuey’s story is told below. They’ve been best friends for the majority of their lives.

Big Boy was allowed to enter the room after the owner wrapped Chuey in a blanket. Anyone who watched the video will remember this as a heartbreaking moment. However, it also demonstrates that the emotional needs of your animals should be taken into account at all times.

They all get emotional, and Big Boy is no exception.

Big Boy is seen in the video attempting to revive his friend. He’s obviously depressed. He moves to a different part of the room and lies down with sadness written all over his little face when he notices she isn’t getting up.

The owner’s decision to allow Big Boy to say his final farewell to his friend was not only thoughtful but also humane. Cats and other animals deserve to be loved and cared for.