When a newborn hears her father’s voice, her face lights up

Babies can hear sounds in the womb as early as 16 weeks; many parents sing to their babies in the womb as they develop, which may help to calm them if they hear the same song when they are born.

According to La Repblica, one Brazilian couple witnessed this firsthand when their baby was born and she heard her father’s voice for the first time outside the womb.

Flavio Dantas and Tarsila Rosa were overjoyed with the arrival of their daughter Antonella.

The soon-to-be father from Rio de Janeiro talked to his baby every morning while she was growing in the womb, but he had no idea how he would be greeted when she was born.

Tarsila observed how his baby moved around when he heard his voice every morning before he left for work.

When she arrived on August 11, Father’s Day in Brazil, her face was a picture of the first time her father spoke to her outside the womb.

Antonella’s face lit up when she heard her father’s voice, and Flavio couldn’t stop crying.

“And it is that moment that people forget all the pain and focus on the most sincere smile of all. My princess was born on Father’s Day, ” Tarsilo wrote in a Facebook post.