When a ‘dead’ dog sees her at the shelter, she runs into Mom’s arms

Maile Trist assumed she had been pranked after accessing her email and discovering a note stating that Jazzy, her senior Chihuahua, is alive! Maile was skeptical at first because her dog died two years ago, but she decided to visit the Cowley County Humane Society, which had sent her the message regardless.

Maile adopted Jazzy four years ago, and they had a wonderful relationship. After two years, she had to relocate to Kansas from California due to a full-time work. Unfortunately, not everything comes with you. Because she did not have enough time to care for Jazzy, she surrendered the puppy to a couple that loves dogs, instructing them to care for her until she was ready to settle.

Unfortunately, once she was situated, she attempted to contact the couple, but they removed all of their social media accounts and ignored her calls. Anyway, after 6 months, her fiancé was able to contact the couple in order to retrieve Jazzy, but he was informed that Jazzy had died!

Maile stated that she did not forgive herself for failing to be with her in her final moments! However, miracles do occur, and this was one of the greatest! Because the dog had a microchip, the shelter was able to locate her owner!

Anyway, Maile went straight to the shelter to see if the puppy was Jazzy, hoping that it was! When she arrived at the shelter, the dog began running toward her after realizing she was her mother.

Maile, on the other hand, was unable to hold back her tears and burst into tears! Jazzy also couldn’t stop wagging her tail! I can only imagine Maile’s joy when she finally located her ‘dead’ puppy! What a touching reunion! View the video below.