When a 4-year-old goes outside to play, he returns with a baby deer that he befriended in the woods

Having children always leaves us dumbfounded, but picture your 4-year-old son returning home with a young deer. Isn’t that a little bit like a fairy tale?

Well, Stephanie Brown saw just that while on vacation at Virginia’s Massanutten Resort. When Stephanie opened the door and discovered her 4-year-old son Dominic and a baby deer on the porch, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The woman was obviously taken aback by the Disney-like scene, but she was able to capture a few pictures of the precious moment. Naturally, the adorable photos absolutely went viral not long after Stephanie posted them on Facebook.

After all, it’s uncommon to witness a 4-year-old playing nearby with a wild deer. Dominic was playing outside the cabin as his mother was packing, they were going to depart the resort. However, it’s unknown how the pair came to be together.

One thing is certain: the fawn and Dominic became fast friends, whether it was because of Dominic’s pajamas or because he may have fed her some goodies.

To the surprise of the boy’s mother, Dominic and his new friend both arrived at the door to welcome the boy’s mother.

“I was in shock. I was like, ‘No way. My mind is playing games with me’,” Stephanie said. “It wasn’t like anything strange for him, it was so weird. They were just in sync.”

The fawn’s behavior is really quite amazing. In front of people or the camera, she doesn’t for even a split second appear scared or uneasy. She appears to be acting because of the way she postures for the camera.

In fact, Dominic gave his new pal a name. He called the newborn deer Flash, after the super-hero from the DC Comics.

After Stephanie posted the wonderful photo to Facebook, thousands of comments and replies began to pour in.

“They both look like this is an everyday occurrence for them. So precious, both of them,” someone wrote. “Your son and his friend are super cute. Great pic,” another one added.