Volunteers are ‘shocked’ to see this ‘dead’ horse still alive and transformation is incredible

No one could have predicted what the British Horse Society volunteers saw when they arrived at a construction site in East Durham, England.

Heidi, a pony presumed to be dead in the midst of squalor, was discovered there. When her body was discovered breathing, the volunteers knew they’d come across one of the most extreme examples of neglect they’d ever seen and responded quickly.


“The decision was made to give her a chance, and it took five people to raise her to her feet,” a representative for Here 4 Horses Equine Charity explained.

Heidi’s remarkable recovery journey was then captured in a series of videos that demonstrate what a warrior this little child has been. Let’s have a look at Heidi’s incredible metamorphosis down below, which will make you want to cry (or cry a river).

When the BHS volunteer came on the scene, he was astounded to see what he assumed was a dead horse.


Volunteers are’shocked’ to see that this ‘dead’ horse is still alive. The transformation is incredible as you nurse it back to health.
Photographer: here4horses

Bored Panda reached out to Wendy Suddes of the organization Here4Horses, situated in the North East of England, to learn more about Heidi’s journey to rehabilitation and how she is doing today.


Wendy, the charity’s founder and a horse welfare and education specialist, stated that Heidi was discovered in the most deplorable condition.

“When rescuers arrived, they met with a knackerman who had been summoned by the owner to come and retrieve her body,” she explained, adding, “Whether he thought she was already dead is irrelevant—she had been subjected to the most horrendous pain.”


However, the rescue team decided to give the small pony a chance.
Volunteers are’shocked’ to see this ‘dead’ horse alive and well, and the transformation is incredible.

Heidi was deemed seriously ill because she was unable to stand or move. “We were dealing with her considerable weakness and such a low blood protein level that a plasma transfusion was required in the early days,” Wendy recalled. It took the pony more than 5 weeks to be able to stand on her own.

Heidi was put on a drip for plasma transfusion after a blood test revealed she was malnourished.

The pony had to wear padded dressings throughout therapy, and the Here4Horses crew “had to be creative, turning multiple pairs of leggings into shorts to help keep her pressure sores from additional damage.”


However, it was not a smooth and easy recuperation. “Too many wounds, worms, parasites, and illnesses had been allowed to take hold, and it took months and months to get Heidi well enough to run free in our pastures,” Wendy explained. Heidi, in essence, has a strong personality, which the team believes was critical to her recuperation.

The pony’s long journey to recovery began after she received medical treatment.

Wendy stated that Heidi was suffering from serious neglect and brutality, and that the Here4Horses team only sees cases like this once or twice a year. “While we do see this amount of injury and illness all too frequently, it is simply cruelty or a lack of horse knowledge and care or how to properly address their requirements.”

Heidi began to appear brighter after a long period. Volunteers are’shocked’ to see this ‘dead’ horse alive and well, and the transformation is incredible.

Fortunately, Wendy told us that Heidi is now “high on life,” taking in as much as she can with the support of the team.

The charity is currently caring for another pony in a similar situation who is still undergoing therapy. Visit their website to see how you can help their team of dedicated volunteers preserve abandoned horses and ponies.