Video of Horse Teaching Her Baby About an Electric Fence Is Incredible

An important part of motherhood is teaching your children the ins and outs of survival. While all people and animals have natural survival instincts, there is still much to teach new borns. One new mom was doing exactly that with her baby in this incredible video.

TikTok user @jobosslady2 recently shared a video of her horse, Herdís, and the new foal. In the video, this mare teaches her baby about electric fences so the foal knows to avoid them in the future and doesn’t get hurt! Check out the video to see this awesome moment.

@jobosslady2 Mother Herdís teaching her foal about the electric fence 🤯 crazy #horse #horsesoftiktok #foal #foalsoftiktok #foalingseason ♬ original sound – JoBossLady

Wow, this is amazing! Despite being a first time mother, Herdís knew she needed to show her baby the ropes for living on a farm, and she did it by gently pushing the foal into the fence so it would feel the shock and know to avoid it in the future. Very effective!

People in the comments compared it to their own experiences as a mother. @brainsharpener said, “This is the horse equivalent of giving a slice of lemon to a baby for its reaction,” and @emilyjeanc1993 commented, “As a mother I can confidently say she told her kid it would only tickle a little.” Motherhood truly unites us across different species!

Others were sympathetic to the foal for having to learn the ways of the farm. @mela_realmermaid commented, “The joys of growing up on a farm and learning about the electric fence the hard way, LOL.” Another user, @uhhhhnicolee, expressed a similar sentiment: “Poor foal, has to learn the hard way!” We feel for the foal, but no one said growing up was easy!

We loved watching this video and seeing such a cool example of motherhood. Hopefully, all foals have as good of a teacher as this little one did!