Unflinching equestrian soothes unruly horse with heartwarming gentleness

If you’ve ever felt anxious about horseback riding, this video is a must-watch. It features a skilled horse trainer named Ryan Rose who uses an unconventional method to help calm a horse named Henry.

Ryan ties a teddy bear named Jimmy onto Henry’s back, and with the help of a handler, assesses Henry’s reaction to this new stimulus. The handler stays quiet to prevent overstimulating the horse, allowing Henry to become more comfortable with the teddy bear “rider.”

It’s both heartwarming and amusing to see the stuffed bear perched on Henry’s back like a person, as Ryan employs her unique approach to desensitize Henry to being ridden.

Before being ridden, it’s crucial for Henry, a highly sensitive horse who startles easily, to develop a better understanding of pressure.

The objective is to ensure that Henry remains comfortable during the process, minimizing the risk of spooking and preventing the handler from falling off.

To safely ride Henry, it’s important to increase his tolerance to new stimuli. Horsemanship can be demanding, and having a mentor to guide through the process is essential for success.

Henry needs to learn to accept and adapt to the situation at hand. Through the energy conveyed by the rope, Henry is taught how to recover from any potential anxieties.

Ryan’s exceptional horsemanship skills are evident as he guides Henry to a state of calmness and relaxation. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Henry remains composed and at ease when the saddle is placed on his back.

As you observe Ryan’s training techniques, you witness how he adeptly guides the horse in acclimating to being ridden. Both the horse and the handler display impressive aptitude for learning.

Ryan’s approach emphasizes the importance of adding value to the horse through training, ensuring that they do not encounter unfavorable situations and have a forever home.