Two sweet miniature horses spend the afternoon playfighting with one another

To all appearances, Teddy Bear is a young and lovable miniature horse who gets a kick out of engaging in a variety of playful activities. On a bright and sunny afternoon, Teddy is in a jovial mood, and an older horse named Salem can be seen being harassed by Teddy to join in on the fun.

Everyone enjoys and adores miniature horses, but young children who may be too timid or lack the self-assurance to manage a huge horse are especially fond of these little equines. They are ideally suited for households that include members who are either elderly or disabled.


These gentle creatures are ideal candidates for keeping as pets due to their diminutive size and short stature. Because of their stoic demeanor and levelheaded intelligence, they are extremely flexible in the show ring, both in conformation and jumping competitions. This demonstrates that they are well-liked by the viewers.

These miniature horses meet the criteria of being small, sound, and well-balanced while yet adhering to the criteria outlined in the book of regulations. In females, they convey a sense of delicacy and femininity, but in males, they demonstrate assertiveness and masculinity.

Their lineage can be traced back to either Welsh pit ponies or Shetland ponies, as they were developed through a process of selective breeding. This practice originated in Europe, where the horses were also raised and bred for royal households.

Within the first year of their lives, miniature horses can reach up to 90 percent of their full adult height. A pregnancy typically lasts for around eleven months, which is the same amount of time it takes an adult horse to mature into a mature adult. Weaning typically occurs between the ages of 4 and 5 months.

The dark bay-colored horse known as Teddy won’t stop playing, and he can be seen rushing around the paddock and chasing Salem. She makes an attempt to bite the older horse’s mane and would want to get into a fight, but Salem is patient enough to allow her to win the battle and become the dominant horse.