Twin Tesla Semi updated prototypes were seen conducting road testing

Elon Musk stated during the Cyber Rodeo event in April of last year that Tesla would start making the Semi in 2023. Continuous testing of the Class 8 all-electric vehicles on public roads raises the possibility that this is unquestionably the case.

Recent videos of the vehicle appear to be fairly focused in places associated to PepsiCo’s Modesto operations, in contrast to past years when Semi sightings were few and far between and the vehicles were observed seemingly in random parts of the United States. PepsiCo is one of the Tesla Semi’s customers, and numerous Megachargers have already been installed on the company’s Modesto facility .

A new sighting of the Tesla Semi was reported online a few days ago. However, more than one Semi was noticed on the road this time. This time, twin Tesla Semi units were spotted, and both of them were decked out in the brand’s updated Class 8 all-electric truck designs.

Timothy Williamson, an EV fan who posted the video of the two Semi trucks, said he saw the vehicles while traveling west on Highway 80 close to Donner Lake. Many comments on the EV enthusiast’s post claimed that the twin Tesla Semis may be traveling to PepsiCo’s Modesto facility in light of the direction in which the cars were traveling.

The Tesla Semi may be one of the products in the company’s lineup that has been most delayed, but it also has the most potential to cause upheaval. The trucking industry is huge and contributes significantly to annual emissions. Therefore, even if the trucks maintain their initially-promised range, the introduction of the Tesla Semi could aid in the transformation of the transportation industry into a sustainable one.

The Teal Semi will be equipped with four independent rear motors on its back axles, according to today’s version of Tesla’s website. Furthermore, it is built to be incredibly energy-efficient, using less than 2 kWh each mile. According to Tesla, Semi buyers might save up to $200,000 annually. The car is available in two versions: a 300-mile version with an expected price of $150,000, and a 500-mile version with an anticipated price of $180,000.