Trolls ridiculed a Down syndrome infant for eating birthday cake; let us offer her our support

The world can be a cruel place at times. Although we appear to have gotten much better at criticizing prejudice over the years, it is undeniable that it still exists.

One of the downsides of social media is that people can now abuse and assault others online while remaining anonymous behind a computer. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, the criminals get away with it.

One father reacted angrily to trolls who criticized a video of his daughter eating her birthday cake. Megan Gavin, who has Down syndrome, gets dirty after eating her cake in the video, but trolls call her a “downie” and a “retard.”

Nonetheless, Scott, a proud father from Merseyside, England, was taken aback after releasing the video to commemorate Megan’s first birthday. He remarked that his surprise had turned to wrath. He obviously wants to find these people.

But, after a few hours of sitting and thinking, he decided he wasn’t going to allow some jerk anger him and ruin his baby’s day. So he’s turned it around and decided that from now on, he’ll teach the ignorant fools. He’s going to share the love by uploading pictures of Megan.

“Kids in Africa are hungry, and you’re wasting cake on a youngster who is too stupid to realize what it is,” one YouTube commenter remarked.

Scott, who has five other children, says he’s heard similar experiences from other disabled children’s parents. He went on to say that they hear that all the time from mothers, which is sad. He doesn’t understand why others interpret them differently.

Scott is obviously not alone in this regard. It frustrates him that those who criticize others because they are different can do so while hiding behind a computer screen.

The plain truth is that if they were actually terrified of retaliation, they would never say these things, making them as cowardly as they are, simply dim-witted.

We hope Megan had a wonderful first birthday.

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