Trainer of horses having a great time while working with his magnificent animals

Horses, just like any other kind of domesticated animal, need to be exercised frequently. On the other hand, it enables them to continue leading joyful, healthy, robust lives. Jesse Drent, who has a deep passion for working with equines, keeps a number of horses in his personal stable.


The miniature horses that he keeps as pets come in a variety of sizes. There are some horses who are on the smaller side, while others are more typical in size. He never misses an opportunity to make certain that his cherished animals get the amount of physical activity that is recommended for them. In addition to that, he personally cares for all of his horses.


Jesse’s horses received their customary workouts not so long ago in a confined area on the farm that he owns. He started off in the Principality of Andorra. Jesse regarded her as a remarkable woman. He began by petting and kissing Andorra, and then he instructed her to walk in complete circles around him while he stood in the center. After that, they did some stretching exercises and then switched to doing reverse walks.

Jesse warmed up his muscles with some stretching exercises, and then he joined Andorra in some light jogging. The horse seemed to have a great time throughout the training session with Jesse. After he had his fill of playing with the horse, he turned his attention to his two miniature horses, Macho and Bear, and made sure they got their exercise.


Jesse started with Macho. Before beginning his exercise regimen, the small horse chose to get a feel for the terrain. He also gave Jesse permission to toy with his mane. Then, like he had done with Andorra, before beginning the stretching regimen, he ran around with the horse.

Macho instantly began playing with Bear as soon as he entered the field. Before agree to work out with Jesse, the two had a little fun. Together, they stretched out while standing on a raised platform, strolled around with him. After all of his laborious effort, Macho became tired and made the decision to lie down on the ground and lay his head on Jesse’s body.