Toddler struggles to get on Mini Horse, giving some important lesson

Crosslyn Vest, the 3-year-old girl in Northern Arizona, is trying to get on her mini horse in the video.

She wanted to get on by herself without any help. But little did she know it won’t be that easy.

She won’t give up and keep trying.

It’s a lesson, never give up!

And finally, after several attempts, she wins at the task.

The pint-sized cowgirl is the embodiment of determination! She tries to hop up not once. Not twice. But 16 whole times before she finally makes it!

Even better than her unwavering dedication is the look of pure joy on Crosslyn’s face after finally achieving her goal!

Crosslyn is a natural when it comes to riding horses — she’s been riding for roughly 18 months now — but she’s just starting to practice getting up on her own.