Tiniest Mini Horse Grows Up In A House Full Of Dogs

When animals of different species live together, they occasionally adopt some of their housemates’ characteristics. Just like dogs impersonating cats or vice versa. It’s quite interesting and adorable to watch them gradually transform into one of the others.

Meet the mini-horse, Luna, who lives with five dogs.

Luna is a sweet mini-horse who grew accustomed to living with her canine companions at her owner Sue’s house. Sue told The Dodo that Luna had quickly become a member of their family. It was as if Sue were Luna’s mother, and her children and dogs were Luna’s playmates. It was incredible to witness their bond with this miniature horse.


Before the happy life that this mini-horse had with Sue, she actually had a heartbreaking history.

“Shortly after Luna was born,” Sue shared to The Dodo. “Her mother rejected her in such a way that it became dangerous for her.”

That is when Sue realized that she should immediately remove her from the mother to increase her chances of survival.

Sue took her home and began feeding her milk through a bottle, nursing the horse as best she could. Luna only knew how to live as one of the dogs in her environment, not as one of her own. Sue and her family, however, attempted to perform routines that would bring the horse out of her.