Three deer seeking shelter as a woman leaves back door open during storm

Some heavenly presence picked this woman and sent the deer to visit her. What a gift!

Animals appear to have a sixth instinct when it comes to detecting bad weather. As the storm approached, the three adorable fawns were looking for refuge, and because the woman had inadvertently left the back door open, they felt her home could be the ideal spot to keep them safe during the hurricane.

The woman, known by the Imgur name Amscolie shared: ” I raise orphaned wildlife. Recently, the back door was open as a strom was coming. The deer were nowhere to be found. Went inside, was heading to the front door, only to see them next to an end table in the living room. Told them they could sleep in the house for the night because it was going to be [nasty].”

They are really stunning; what a fortunate woman.

What a lovely treat for her that morning. Very unique! You are quite fortunate to have had that happen to you.

But with a look like that, how could you possibly refuse? We are aware that we couldn’t. She’s incredibly smart, too!

Anyone who opens their door to witness these lovely deer is really blessed.

What a sweet gesture, exceptional lady, lovely deer. We would feel incredibly fortunate and special to receive those 3 unexpected guests!

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