This Tortoise Attacks All Black Shoes That Approach Him

A tortoise refuses to allow anyone to wear black shoes in the house, threatening his owner’s befuddled grandson with a ‘painful’ assault if he does not wear other colors.

Tommy Shellby routinely makes a beeline for anyone wearing black shoes on the site. He attacks with a torrent of disapproving headbutts whenever he sees one.

To escape the reptile’s bites, Harry Vines says he has to wander around his 82-year-old grandma Daphne Woodcock’s yard barefooted or in white shoes.

Tommy, according to his 24-year-old grandson, is a fashion-conscious reptile.

“Maybe he’s trying to tell me I look good in white shoes, so don’t be wearing black ones,” says Harry, from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Video screenshot

In a video, Harry is wearing one black and one grey shoe, and Tommy goes up forcibly banging his shell on the black one.

Others show him clambering over a mound of white shoes to get a single black sneaker, while in another experiment, Harry lines up black and non-black shoes for Tommy, but only the black ones get bashed.

Harry confesses that admitting he’s stopped buying black shoes to appease the demanding pet which feels’strange.’

Video screenshot

Tommy, who is said to be at least 15 years old, has gone viral for his odd actions, amassing almost one million followers since his debut in December.

“If he gets your ankle bone, it does hurt quite a bit. It’s more like a shell-bash,” he says. “I’ll only be buying white shoes now.”

Harry started tweeting videos of Tommy shell-bashing black sneakers after a buddy recommended he share more. His viral videos have already received over 39 million likes, and his grandmother, Daphne, “can’t believe” how popular her pet has become.