The wish of a terminally sick 4- year-old girl to work as a police officer in Australia is realized

A terminally sick girl’s wish to spend one day as an honorary member of the NSW Police has been fulfilled.

Zoe has been facing Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an extraordinarily uncommon and incurable illness with an average survival rate of nine to twelve months.

However, Zoe was able to temporarily put her diagnosis aside before her fourth birthday since she was tasked with finding a criminal who had stolen her present.

Watch the video:

The NSW Police brought young Zoe and her mother Huyen to meet Constable Charlie, a lovable penguin who gave her a gift on her special day.

But one crook was able to slip by and grab the gift when Joe was mingling with Charlie and the other cops.

The police decided they needed a helping hand from tiny Zoe rather than going after the “sly bandit” on their own.

With a uniform and unique name tag, Zoe was changed into a junior recruit for the NSW Police Force.

The four-year-old then played the lead in a fast-moving pursuit around Sydney that was reminiscent of a scene from the film Taken.

She joined the other cops in a chase that involved the road, the sea, and the sky while dressing the part.

Constable Zoe was seen commanding the troops on Sydney Harbour’s waterways as they pursued the “bad guy” with assistance from Marine Area Command in the video posted to the NSW Police Force’s Facebook page.

At that time, the thief was able to escape, but Zoe wasn’t giving up on recovering her gift.

After landing, the young girl determined that in order to gain a bird’s-eye view of the target and pursue them, they would need to conduct the search from the air.

As they flew above Sydney in a chopper, Zoe gave the pilot directions with the assistance of Aviation Command.

They reached a landing and, upon learning that the thief was approaching, got back into a black police car to continue the pursuit.

Zoe was eventually reunited with her birthday gift when the tactical expert took Zoe over to the detained criminal after he was caught.

Policing Commissioner for NSW, Karen Webb, praised her work and said, “

“Congratulations Constable Zoe, your bravery and smart police skills helped catch the bad guy.”

“On behalf of a grateful police force, I would like to thank Constable Zoe for her tremendous efforts.”

“I wish you a very happy birthday Zoe and send you a big Commissioner hug.”