The wet bird fell into the pool and was rescued by the woman

A video shared by the dodo shows a drenched bird lying in an old and cloudy pool.

At first, the woman did not know why the bird was in such a state. She asked the bird: “What are you doing?”

In the video, she says she is making breakfast and looks out the door. She saw ripples in the pool.

She said in the video: “Oh my Gosh. That is a hawk!”

Watch the video:

“I know that he had to get out of the pool because there was no way for him to get out otherwise.”

She thinks Florida is experiencing a severe heatwave and that’s why the bird sought access to the water.

The bird seems to be quite weak from being in the water for so long. It just looked at the woman and didn’t move or struggle to fly away.

The little bird was taken out of the pool and exposed to the sun. Without her, we don’t know what it would have done.

This bird is so lucky and also grateful to the person who saved it.

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