The train conductor stops the train and saves the dog

When a stray dog is discovered on a train track, it frequently causes delays for passengers on board since the train must stop so that the dog may be removed.

Another frequent ending is a depressing one: the train keeps moving while the passengers only experience a bump on the rails. The alternative, having the dog killed on the tracks, was not an option for a train conductor in Santiago, Chile.

The conductor of the train could have asked the relevant authorities to remove and save the dog, but he chose to stop the train, get down on the tracks, and rescue the dog himself. The brave man can be seen approaching the anxious dog in the video.

The man calls the dog over, but when it doesn’t respond, he slowly leans out to pet it while hoping not to get bit. Thankfully, the dog was happy to be saved, and the train driver was able to lift the dog to safety by grabbing him by the neck while another worker receive and help save the poor dog.

The train’s driver apologized for the delay but said, “I apologize for the delay, but I couldn’t just run over the dog,” as soon as he re-boarded the vehicle. Everyone on board clapped for the man. A real hero, he is!

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dog from videobuzz on Vimeo.