The mother is left shocked after having twins with completely different skin tones

After giving birth to million-to-one identical twins with drastically distinct skin tones, a mother was left speechless.

Following the birth of her twins in April, Chantelle Broughton, 29, revealed that she is frequently questioned about if Ayon and Azirah are also hers.

Chantelle was astonished to give birth to her daughter Azirah, who had a significantly darker complexion and brown eyes, after giving birth to her son Ayon, who had light skin and green eyes, at Nottingham City Hospital.

Genetics specialists had previously estimated the likelihood of such births at one in a million due to their rarity.

While dad Ashton, also 29, is half Jamaican and half Scottish, auxiliary nurse Chantelle claims she is mixed race despite seeming white since her maternal grandfather was from Nigeria.

The mother-of-three said the twins didn’t seem all that different from one another at birth, but during the following weeks, Azirah’s skin tone continued to become “darker and darker.”

The four-month-old twins, according to her, now have “completely opposing” personalities, but they appear to get along nicely.

‘I’m so glad they came out the way they are – our own unique little family.’ said Chantelle, a resident of Nottingham.

‘Azirah was slightly darker at birth but you couldn’t really tell. Now as weeks have gone on she has gotten to the point where she’s darker than her dad.’

When the twins are out and about, Chantelle says they get a lot of attention, and she jokes that she thinks some people think they have different dads.

 ‘When you’ve got a twin pushchair people seem to notice you more anyway.’

However, she added that when people see her out and about with Ayon and Azirah, they “double-take.”

According to Chantelle, so far, people have reacted well to the twins, and several “elderly ladies” telling the twins are so lovely. 

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