The man’s quick reaction saves the little girl from crashing into a concrete pole

When a little girl lost control of her bicycle and was riding downhill directly into a telephone pole, she got herself into serious trouble. But thankfully, a man who was waiting outside a pub saw the looming nightmare and acted quickly.


A group of guys can be seen conversing outside of a pub in Américo Brasiliense, So Paulo, Brazil, just before the female arrives out of nowhere. She looks to be unable to brake as she careens down the street while battling to maintain control of her bike. The man quickly approaches at that point and succeeds to catch her just in time.

The bar owner looks to be the individual who shared the footage. In the video’s captions, he wrote: “A patron in my bar sees that a girl lost control of her bicycle and is fast enough to grab her before hitting a pole. “Dad reflexes in action.”

The actions of the Good Samaritan were not without pain. He hobbles away to tend to the injuries as his foot appeared to have been run over by the bike. The little girl makes sure to approach her hero and extend her hand in gratitude. The man appears to be recovering sufficiently for him to approach his buddies, who applaud him for a job well done.

With such a fast car speed, if it wasn’t for the man’s help, the little girl might have been seriously injured.