Thankful for being saved, the baby elephant does not stop following the rescuer

This elephant’s name is Moyo. When she was just a few days old, she almost drowned while trying to swim across a river. Fortunately, rangers discovered her just as a group of hyenas was about to encircle her after being left behind by her pack. The brave rangers transported Moyo to the “Wild Is Life” sanctuary where the sanctuary’s founder, Roxy Danckwerts, adopted the infant as her own kid.

Moyo, now 14 months old, travels everywhere with Roxy. According to Roxy, Moyo is familiar with her voice, and smell, and knows her whereabouts at all times.

“She is one of those animals with whom I have formed an extraordinary bond of friendship, trust and love,” said Roxy. ” Letting go will be hard. However, I am so determined and so sure of this road that I have chosen. I want the best for the elephant children, and that best is freedom to roam and to make their own choices.”

Moyo is also quite a mischievous elephant.

She explores and messes with many things in the house.

And Moyo always wants to be with her adoptive mother, Roxy, even though her body is getting bigger and bigger.

Watch the story of Moyo here: