Texas schools begin hanging ‘In God We Trust’ signs if they are donated to campuses

Schools all over Texas are now putting up signs that say “In God We Trust” because a new state law lets them do so if the signs are donated.

The Carrol Independent School District in the northern Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex began putting up the signs this week. Patriot Mobile, a Christian conservative wireless provider, donated them, NBC5 reported.

According to the Houston Chronicle, similar signs were also put up in Austin and the Houston region.

The signs are a result of the state law, SB 797, which was passed in 2021. The American flag, the Texas flag, and the country’s motto must all be visible on the signs.

According to NBC5, the founder of the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition expressed concern that the new law contributes to the breakdown of the separation of church and state.

“I feel like they don’t have a choice right now to put them up,” Kushwaha said. “ But hopefully this will spark larger conversations about having more freedom of expression, so if they are allowed to put up signs like this there should be no reasons that other students or people can’t put up signs that have different messaging.”