Tennessee Walking Horse mare adopts an orphan foal as her own

Tennessee Walking Horses are a versatile breed, known for their pleasant disposition, durability, and dependability. While they are famous for their unique gait, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride, there are numerous other qualities that make them outstanding horses. The breed’s running walk footfall pattern is identical to that of the regular walk, but the pace of the gait is much quicker, allowing them to travel at speeds of 10-20 mph (16-32 km/h).


Tennessee Walking Horses are not only great for their style of walking and comfortable ride, but they are also known for their gentle and caring nature. This is exemplified in a heartwarming video where a Tennessee Walking Horse mare adopts an orphan foal alongside her own. In addition to their gait, there are many other desirable qualities of this breed that make them a popular choice among horse enthusiasts.


Tennessee Walking Horses are an excellent option for novice riders due to their naturally docile nature and eagerness to please their handlers. Through careful breeding, these horses possess the best qualities of quarter horses, thoroughbreds, and standardbred horses, creating a versatile and well-rounded breed. This makes Tennessee Walking Horses ideal for riders of all levels, as they are not only calm and obedient, but also athletic and capable.


For someone who is inexperienced in horseback riding, it is particularly crucial to have a horse with a calm temperament. A horse that is nervous or easily spooked can quickly dampen a novice rider’s enthusiasm for the activity. Given that horses are large animals, just sitting on their backs can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with horseback riding.


It’s typical to find oneself in a situation where one horse in a group gets frightened or behaves erratically. In such a scenario, novice riders require a horse with a calm temperament that doesn’t get easily agitated. The Tennessee Walking Horse is known for its stability and is less prone to sudden scares.