Teen rescues a dying horse stuck in the woods

There are always a few kind people who warm our souls and hearts with their acts of kindness. But this tale was also about one of those wonderful, heartwarming things that really happened and will make you cry. A girl from Illinois and her horse, which was later named Sonny, got a lot of attention online recently.

But what made the two of them so special? Some people might think they’ve known each other for a long time. But in reality, they had just met on a fateful day not long before. Kelsey, a teenager, and her mom were traveling in a trailer.

On the other hand, the mother of the young girl made a navigational error on the way to the flea market and ended up taking a different path. The family was making their way along the new route when they came across a horse that was laying on the side of the road.

The mother and daughter made the decision to stop their trailer and take a closer look at the unfortunate animal. As soon as they saw the horse in such a deplorable condition, Kelsey and her mother were overcome with concern. The poor creature had lost so much weight and was desperately searching for anything to eat.

Even markings from a whip could be seen on the body of the mare. The fact that some people could hurt an innocent animal in such a way was revolting and beyond the two people’s ability to believe for both of them. It is possible that the former owners of the poor animal realized they were not deriving any advantage from her and made the decision to abandon her in a ditch as a result.

Kelsey and her mother both had the theory that the horse had run away from her previous owner, who was abusive to her, in order to locate some food. The adolescent had a lot of compassion for the tiny foal. The two individuals took their own trailer with them in order to transport the horse, but they were unsuccessful in doing so because the mare had become incapacitated in the ditch. Kelsey’s only alternative was to walk the sick animal back to their house, but it was highly unlikely that the animal would survive the journey.

Kelsey, on the other hand, was successful in getting the foal to return home. They had to trek for almost 9 miles before they arrived at their destination. The girl gave the horse the name Sonny and made sure that the colt had the appropriate amount of food and water. The foal slept for five consecutive days, which caused the family to become worried. The entire time, Kelsey prayed that Sonny would be protected from harm. Her petitions were quickly granted, and not long after, Sonny regained consciousness as a healthy equine.

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