Stunning photos of the world’s largest eagle -The Mystical Harpy Eagle

With a strange facial expression and a horn-like crest on its head, this ferocious, monstrous bird is indeed a creature worthy of our attention.

This bird really doesn’t look like an ordinary eagle but looks a bit like an owl or a peacock. Really so special!

The bald eagle weighs about 12 pounds, while the harpy eagle weighs between 13 and 20 pounds. This beautiful bird is the biggest in the world.

The rainforest is home to the harpy eagle, which is a very well-liked bird due to its impressive size and stunning look.

The same grey, black and white feathers are worn by both sexes, and the elevated feathers on their heads give them a perplexing appearance.

The harpy eagle’s upper body is already frightening, but its talons are much more terrifying because they are larger than a grizzly bear’s.

It is not surprising that this bird is at the top of its food chain given that its talons, which measure 5 inches in length, are the biggest in the avian kingdom.

Sloths, monkeys, and occasionally deer make up the majority of the harpy eagle’s diet, however, these are not its only sources of food.

They can hunt down anything that lives in trees because they have exceptional eyesight and fantastic flying abilities.

They utilize their “death grip” to lift prey weighing up to 17 pounds off the ground thanks to their strong talons, which are also useful when they’re hunting.

Less than 50,000 of these enormous predatory birds are still alive today, despite being widespread in rainforests throughout the Americas.

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