Small boy’s day is made when horses approach him in greeting

It’s typical for kids to form bonds with animals they interact with on a daily basis. Usually, a child forms these ties with their dog or cat as a pet, but occasionally, kids discover companionship in unexpected places.

Source: @mrspaulmessens

The son of @mrspaulmessens is presented to us in this endearing video. He’s developed an unique bond with several local ponies! The young youngster is seen crouching in front of a white fence, calling to the horses as he does so.

Three horses immediately begin trotting across the pasture to greet their young companion while “The Cowboy in Me” by Tim McGraw plays in the background.

Source: @mrspaulmessens

As they cross, the youngster claps; as they get to the fence, he takes a small step back. There are two horses in light brown and one in dark brown. The boy is absolutely dwarfed by all the horses, yet he is evidently accustomed to this.

The horses slow down and walk close to the fence while he observes them. From the right, one of the light-brown horses comes up to the youngster and peers his head over the fence.

Source: @mrspaulmessens

The child approaches the horse in an attempt to pet him, but he is too far away, so the horse bends his neck and licks the boy’s hand instead. At this time, the brown horse has also arrived to say hello to all.

Seeing this boy play with these horses is so cute. Even though he can’t quite reach them, he still wants to see his friends with four legs. Once he’s tall enough to pet them over the fence, we’re sure their relationship will only get stronger.


♬ The Cowboy In Me – Tim McGraw