Sick gorilla passes away in the arms of the man who saved and raised her throughout her life

The video is heartbreaking yet touching, as a gorilla who was rescued and nurtured her entire life passed away in the arms of the man who cared for her. The bond between them was clearly profound.

In 2019, a mountain gorilla from Congo gained internet fame due to her charming photos. Ndakasi, as she was named, was quite the photobomber, frequently popping up in pictures with her human companions and even taking selfies with them! Her playful personality and lively spirit made her a beloved resident of the national park where she resided.

Ndakasi’s life began tragically, as she was discovered in the forest as a baby next to her deceased mother, who had been killed by local hunters’ bullets. However, despite this early trauma, she managed to bring joy and laughter to all who met her.

When Ndakasi was found as a baby, she was taken in by park ranger Andre Bauma and raised in the national park. This is a common occurrence for mountain gorillas in Congo, as many are orphaned due to hunting in the region. Without intervention, they may struggle to survive in the wild.

Andre and Ndakasi formed a unique and special bond during their time together. Despite the challenges of raising a wild animal, Ndakasi grew into a joyful and carefree gorilla. For the past 14 years, she has been under the care of the people at the Senkwekwe Center in Virunga National Park, with Andre as one of her devoted caretakers.

Ndakasi’s charming personality captured the internet’s attention in 2019 when she posed for a cute selfie with Andre and other park rangers. Her playful and endearing poses were unexpected from a gorilla, and people online were enamored with her lively spirit and love for the camera.

Ndakasi’s cheerful demeanor made her a favorite among park visitors and online audiences alike. Sadly, she fell ill in recent years and despite her caretakers’ best efforts, her health gradually declined. After a prolonged period of sickness, Ndakasi eventually passed away.

In her final moments, Ndakasi was held by none other than her closest friend and savior, Andre. As a park ranger, he felt deeply honored to have had the opportunity to know and care for Ndakasi.

Reflecting on his time with her, Andre expressed gratitude for the chance to support and nurture such a loving creature, especially considering the trauma Ndakasi had endured as a young gorilla. Her joyful spirit and welcoming nature, much like her mother Nyiransekuye, had a profound impact on all who knew her.

The power of friendship transcends species and race. Whether we are humans or animals, we all need companionship to thrive. We rely on each other for support, help, and happiness.

True friends come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t always look like us. The special bond between Andre and Ndakasi is a shining example of this. Their friendship crossed barriers and boundaries, proving that humans can form deep connections with animals.

Andre will always cherish the memories of his time with Ndakasi and be grateful for the chance to be friends with such an incredible creature. Their story is a testament to the enduring power of friendship, no matter what form it takes.