She got lost, overheard Dad’s engine, and bolts toward him, crying

We keep saying “our dogs are our family,” and we mean it. When our dog disappears, a piece of our heart moves with him or her. It’s a sad situation that we hope never occurs again. Unfortunately, this does occur. Xian-Mao was in the market with her father one day when she vanished.

Xian-Mao recognizes that she is in excellent hands and remains at her owner’s side without a leash. However, on one of their numerous adventures, someone let off fireworks nearby, terrifying Xian-Mao. Xian-Mao sprang forward at breakneck speed, heading in the opposite direction of the deafening boom.

Xian-father Mao’s was heartbroken. He looked everywhere for his beloved dog, but she was nowhere to be seen. Xian-Mao is familiar with her surroundings, but when she felt frightened, she ran and landed herself somewhere she didn’t recognize, and she was unable to find her way home.

After six agonizing days, Xian-Mao went to her owner’s friend’s residence. Because Xian-Mao regularly visited this house with her father, she recognized it right away. The observant guy who owned Xian-Mao was on high alert after learning of her disappearance. They called Xian-Mao’s father as quickly as they could, and he arrived as quickly as he could!

The small puppy finally meets her father, and it’s as if they’ve been separated for a long time. Xian-Mao sobs! Her actions demonstrate her devotion to her human (aka: daddy).

We are overjoyed that Xian-Mao and her father have reunited, but please keep your pets on a leash at all times, no matter how nicely they behave. This is not something we want to happen to you.