Senior Dog Waited for Miracle Alone for Almost Ten Years

For close to a decade, a dog named Rockland considered the corridors of an apartment complex his abode. He was “not owned by anyone” and relied on the generous residents of the building to provide him with food and look after him. In all other respects, the tough dog was left to survive on his own.

When the tenants of the building realized they could no longer care for Rockland, they reached out to Animal Haven for assistance. After so many years, the kind-hearted senior dog finally had a secure and safe place to stay. But, just residing in his cage did not bring him any closer to finding a forever home.

Tedi Sarah, a volunteer at Animal Haven, was concerned that it would be difficult for the aging dog to draw attention to himself. Furthermore, Rockland was given a diagnosis of cancer, which only added to the challenge. Despite this setback, Sarah was determined to give Rockland the chance to spend his remaining years surrounded by love and comfort in a permanent family.

Sarah told The Dodo: “As soon as I met him and heard his story, I knew I had to help him. My immediate thought was, ‘He cannot die in the shelter. He cannot die without ever knowing the love and comfort of a family of his own.’”

Sarah took to social media and created a video, calling on people to give Rockland a chance. The holiday season was upon them, and Rockland was facing another Christmas without a family. Sarah was determined to ensure that this would never happen again.

Sarah wrote in the post: “We all adore him at the shelter and would love nothing more than to see him find a forever family of his own while he still can.”

A flood of prospective adopters came forward after Sarah shared Rockland’s story on social media. People were touched by the senior dog’s story and were eager to give him the loving home he deserved.

Sarah said: “Rockland was one of my favorite success stories because it worked so quickly!”

After reviewing the many applications, it became clear that Bessy Gatto was the ideal match for Rockland as his new mom.

Rockland has many new siblings to play with in addition to a new mom. It’s obvious that the gregarious dog won’t ever again have to be concerned about being alone.