Saratoga twin foals spend time with their mother on first day outside

There is no love greater than that shared between a mother and her young, particularly when the little ones require constant care and attention. Daisy, a stunning mare, has recently delivered a pair of exquisite twin foals.

Caring for a single foal can be quite challenging, let alone twins, who demand even more time and effort. Nonetheless, the owners of this magnificent mare and her precious twin foals have decided to bring them outside for the first time, following over six weeks spent inside the stables.

With uncertainty about how Daisy would manage her two offspring, the owners remained close to ensure she wouldn’t run off without them. The remarkable twins were given names by their owners – Don Quixote and Duet.

As shown in the video, Don Quixote remained at Daisy’s side while Duet kept getting sidetracked, then cantering to catch up. Because of this behavior, the owners kept a watchful eye to ensure that little Duet was not left behind.

Daisy required some time to adapt, primarily because it had been a while since she was last outside, but most notably because she never had to care for anyone while outdoors before giving birth. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that she’s coping admirably and the trio is thoroughly enjoying their time together.