Reunion Between a Woman and the Racehorse She Groomed Many Years Ago

The connection that develops between a person and their much-loved horse is unlike any other. And there is nothing quite as painful as having to say goodbye to that horse without knowing whether or not you will ever see him again.

According to Wide Open Pets, a woman named Megan was responsible for Alfie’s grooming when he was only three years old and competing in races. On the racetrack, poor Alfie was known as Last Tribute, but throughout the course of the following four years, he was passed from one owner to another.

On YouTube, Mike, a friend of Megan, posted: “He was claimed from the barn she worked from and has been bouncing around bush league tracks ever since. He changed hands, owner and trainer, and was passed around like a bad joke.”

For years, Mike had watched Megan look for Alfie because she was determined to buy him when he retired. She wished to bring the horse home, but soon she lost track of it.

Mike was able to track down Alfie and offer his close friend the biggest surprise she had ever received: he had the horse transported all the way to Canada so that they could be together once more after a long separation. It is incredible that he was able to carry out all of these plans while remaining silent about them.

Grab some tissues because the following video is going to make you feel a range of emotions:

It would appear that poor Alfie was never given quite as much love in any of his previous homes. However, we have no doubt that Megan will provide him with the utmost level of care. When she unexpectedly spotted her horse after not having seen him for four years, can you even fathom what went through her head?! There is no question that they were supposed to spend their lives together.