Rescued draft horse is taught how to have fun by a playful dog

The Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is considered to be one of the most important equine rescues in the state. Champagne, a rescued horse, had only arrived at the refuge a short while ago. Emily Root, who was working as a volunteer, was in charge of providing care for the animal.

However, whenever Champagne spotted Emily, she immediately turned and walked away from her. The horse shied away from people in extreme fear. Even at the sanctuary, she anticipated being required to perform some sort of labor. Her entire body was covered in scars, which extended all the way down to her rear legs.


Since a few months ago, she has not been attended to or cared for in any way. Champagne had absolutely zero interest in anybody or anything. The most of her physical obstacles required her to be on her feet. The veterinarian speculated that it had been between eight and ten months since her last grooming.

A horse’s hooves should be trimmed on a regular basis—usually once every two months. Champagne noticed an immediate improvement in her condition after having the hair on her feet trimmed. Emily, on the other hand, was under the impression that she had never taken a bath because the filth kept coming back and it took her an hour to clean her up.

One day, the volunteer leader interacted with Champagne when she was accompanied by her children. The horse did not make any attempt to flee from them and apparently concluded that children were not nearly as frightening as grownups. The lovely mare enjoyed having her neck scratched and loved all the attention that she received.

Because she still did not trust Emily, the volunteer suggested that they bring in their puppy Remy in the hopes that it will encourage her to become more open. Emily brought the dog with her to the office each and every day. The two different creatures got along quickly after that. Even Champagne would have a hard time saying no to a lively puppy.

Champagne made a gradual but consistent recovery, and she soon became aware that she was no longer experiencing any discomfort. The gorgeous horse began to relax and let his guard down once Remy and the other volunteers began working with him. She was soon welcomed into her new home in Mt. Morris, Michigan, after being adopted by a kind and generous couple.