Amazing video: The rescue of a polar bear whose tongue became stuck in a can and sought humans for assistance

Monetochka, the female cub, reportedly sought assistance from neighboring homes after a tin can became stuck to her tongue, rendering her unable to eat or drink.

Authorities aided and released a malnourished polar bear cub whose tongue was stuck inside a tin can. The touching footage of the cub’s rescue has subsequently gone viral.

Monetochka, the female cub, allegedly sought assistance from neighbouring households when the condensed milk container was stuck in her mouth. Following the bear’s pleading with local inhabitants for assistance, a team of rescuers flew 2,125 miles from Moscow to the Arctic port of Dikson. A video of the rescue is now making the rounds, revealing how she was sedated and how the veterinarian removed the tin with pliers.

“It’s a bear cub, female, about two years old,” said Mikhail Alshinetsky, the chief vet of Moscow Zoo, as quoted by the Daily Mail. “The tin got stuck and its lid clamped down on the tongue. The animal spent a few days with a tongue stuck, and the tongue became swollen. The bear was unable to drink or eat. We successfully sedated her, removed the tin, and gave antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.”

The struggling bear was transferred to a cage and flown out of the tundra by helicopter, where she had first sought human assistance from nearby homes.

“We transported the animal to the tundra, and injected it again to wake her up,” Alshinetsky explained.

When the bear came looking for help near his home, a Dikson resident attempted to remove the tin himself at first. His efforts, however, were futile because the metal was deeply embedded in the cub’s mouth. Polar bears rarely approach humans for assistance, according to experts.

“The polar bear was found some 3km [1.9 miles] from Dikson airport,” Russian environmental watchdog chief Svetlana Radionova said. “Vets managed to sedate her with the first shot, and removed the tin can. The bear is a young female, weighing between 80 and 90kg,” she added.

The bear was notably scared as she came close to people, but realized it was her only hope for survival. “We have prepared 50kg of fish for the bear to help its recovery,” said Svetlana Akulova, general director of Moscow Zoo.

The juvenile polar bear was seen shaking from hunger and thirst when the vets came to her rescue. “The bear got so exhausted with the can it was coming to us and sticking its tongue out,” a nearby resident said. “But it was impossible to help without traumatising the bear, so people gave up.”