Rare twin foals born to Belgian Draft Horse in a beautiful moment of nature

Giving birth to twins is a rare occurrence in the horse world, and even more uncommon for a draft horse to give birth to healthy twins.

However, against all odds, a beautiful black Belgian mare gave birth to two adorable black foals. The tiny twins, named Lisa and Fien, were born healthy and happy, defying the odds.

In a heartwarming video, Fien and Lisa can be seen playing cheerfully with their mother in the pasture at just four days old. They are full of life and joy as they frolic alongside their proud mom.

The mother and her twin foals have shown their gentle nature by enjoying the company of a young girl who visits them. The three seem to share a special bond that is heartwarming to witness.

Belgian Draft horses are widely recognized as one of the most popular draft breeds across the globe. Known for their powerful and strong physique, coupled with their gentle temperament, they make wonderful horses to work with.

On average, Belgians stand between 16.2-17 hands tall and can weigh anywhere from 1,800-2,200 pounds, making them one of the largest horse breeds in the world.

Belgian Draft horses are highly regarded for their strength and gentle nature, and are widely used for draft work such as logging, plowing, and pulling hitches. They are also popular show horses, competing in driving, in-hand, and even under saddle.

One notable Belgian is Big Jake, who holds the world record for being the largest horse, standing at 20 hands 2.75 inches and weighing 2,500 pounds.

Belgian horses were first bred in Belgium during the 17th century and were introduced to America in the late 1800s, quickly becoming a popular choice among farmers due to their immense power and ability to pull heavy loads.

Belgian Draft horses come in a variety of colors including bay, black, chestnut, and roan.

In the United States, chestnut with flaxen manes and tails is the most common color for Belgian Draft horses, and they also have feathering on their legs.

Don’t forget to watch the heartwarming video featuring the lovely Belgian mare and her twin foals below.