Police horse dances in the street after hearing the music

You probably didn’t know, but New Orleans has a reputation for being a party city! The city of New Orleans, which is known for its amazing performances, music, and dancing, has one of the most distinct cultures in the country. Traveling to the city will almost certainly lead to you dancing at some point.

Dancing is an essential component of all celebrations there, whether they take place on the streets, in a bar, or in a club. You can see people dancing almost at any time of day (or night)! In this incredible video, a uniformed police officer demonstrates their skills with their quick-stepping feet! The amusing thing about these feet is that they have hooves instead!

If it hadn’t been captured on camera, one might not believe how the horse dances to the rhythm. Everyone understands that a good beat is required for dancing. As the horse and rider approach, we can hear the fast rattatata of the steel drums being hammered. As you get closer, you might assume that the cop will try to stop the musicians and dancers from celebrating.

The song finally accelerates in front of the audience, and the horns begin to swing. When you watch the video, you can’t help but want to sway! Without hesitation, the horse begins dancing to the beat. You have no idea how much the officer encourages the horse to dance or how much the horse actually does! According to what we can tell, the cop is uninvolved and is simply watching the horse have fun.

The horse returns while turning in a circle, indicating that it is not yet finished. This horse moves around with a skip and a side hop. The way it moves suggests that they received dance training in addition to their police training. When the horse bows, people applaud and clap in appreciation.

Even in the final bow, the horse had one more trick up its sleeve. As they walked away, the two turned around and pranced backward to the beat of the drums. Check out the video for more information, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on social media!