Pets can now be buried alongside their humans in cemeteries under a new law

People who wanted to be buried with their pets used to have few options. If that’s what they desired, their only option was to be buried at a pet cemetery.

But, if humans can be buried in pet cemeteries, why couldn’t pets be buried in human cemeteries? It’s a question that one state is attempting to answer with a new law.

When it comes to pets and where they can be buried, New York is modifying the regulations.

They enacted legislation allowing individuals to be buried with their pets in a human cemetery if they so desire.

And the law does not only apply to dogs and cats. It allows a variety of animals to be buried with their owners. Many pet owners cheer the decision, as their pets are considered members of the family.

Of course, there are occasional exceptions to the rule. Religious cemeteries are exempt from the new rule, and individual cemeteries may continue to refuse to bury dogs if they so desire.

According to a pet cemetery in Westchester County, at least five people chose to be buried alongside their pets in their cemetery rather than in a human cemetery.

It allows individuals to remain connected to their loved ones even after they have passed away. Pet owners in New York can now rest in peace next to the living creatures who offered so much comfort, companionship, and delight during their lives.

After all, it defies logic for humans to be buried in pet cemeteries but not vice versa. Sometimes family is made up of people we choose rather than blood relatives – and this includes our pets.

Pets are considered family. Why make such a clear distinction between what constitutes a family? With New York leading the way, other states should follow suit and pass similar legislation. Some folks who want to be buried with their pets must sneak them into the cemetery.

This is risky for friends or family members who are requested to do this after the pet owner has died. But, at least in New York, there’s no need to slink around in a cemetery, doing covert funerals for loved ones. If you choose, you and your pet can be together indefinitely! Again, each cemetery must agree to allow you to be buried with your pet – they have the power to refuse.

It is, however, a step forward for people who consider their dogs to be family. New laws seem to appear all the time, and they might be perplexing — yet there is one law that many of us understand.