Family left devastated after their pet pooch died while trying to save them from a burning van

Pet Chihuahua killed after going to rescue family from flaming campervan which exploded on way to Glasgow New Year bash.

Dan and Cara Farrant, who live in Kent, were driving to Glasgow to ring in the New Year when the engine of their camper van started spewing smoke on the M74M near Moffat.

Dan, who is 34 years old, was able to get his three sons, who are five, six, and nine years old, out of the van. However, his wife Cara and their three-year-old daughter Thea were briefly stuck inside when the passenger door got stuck and flames touched the windshield.

Cara threw Coco, her chihuahua, out the window in a last-ditch effort, but when she and Thea were pulled out of the van through the back door, Coco ran back inside, thinking that her “best friend” Cara and she were still inside.

The family didn’t know that Coco had run back into the van, which then blew up and killed the brave dog.

Dan, who runs a moving company in Folkestone, said this week that he will never forget the moment when he thought his wife and daughter were going to die in the van.

He said: “I remember looking in. I thought it was too late, Cara and Thea was trapped in.

“I will never forget the look and never forget the screaming at this point.

“I remember turning around and the flames were the full height of the windscreen just behind me.”

After getting Thea and Cara out of the van through the back doors, they joined the couple’s three sons in a car that had stopped to help. No one noticed that Coco had run back into the van until it was too late.

Dan added: “Cara went to car that stopped to help and realised Coco wasn’t with the kids and had ran back in the van. We tried to run back, but the van exploded with Coco inside.”

When firefighters arrived they found Coco’s body under the front seat.

Dan added: “I was only a few seconds from losing my wife and my little girl Thea – instead we lost our best companion, our angel Coco.

“My children are suffering and having nightmares. They knew she had gone back in and watched our vehicle explode in front of them with their beloved dog inside.

“I have no feelings other than just numbness. My family nearly ended up from being six of us to being four in less than a few seconds.”

They had Coco for two years, and Cara was heartbroken to lose her. She continued, “The dog heard me screaming and we think this is when she ran back into help me and Thea.

“I just wish Coco didn’t run back in to help me.

“I’m just lucky it wasn’t me or my daughter that lost our lives but I will never get over losing Coco.

“Coco was the glue to our family. If one of us was sad or ill she would stay with that person.”