People in the family recall the terrifying moments when the infant boy was confined in the freezer

Ha Nam province, Vietnam has just had a horrible murder case when a 25-year-old man named Nguyen Truong Giang beat and locked a 3-year-old boy in the freezer.

Nguyen Truong Giang was arrested by the Vietnamese police for attempted murder.

65-year-old Mr. Nguyen Van Thuoc, the boy’s grandfather recounted: “Whoever my nephew loves is very precious. He often goes to Giang’s store to play, proving that he likes to play with him.”

According to Mr. Thuoc, Giang rented his house to open a milk tea store.

The reason Giang harmed the baby was that the baby went to Giang’s store and wanted to play with Giang. But the baby made Giang angry. Then, Giang beat the baby unconscious, strangled him and put him in the freezer. After that, Giang left.

In the evening, the family did not find the baby, so they worriedly went to look for him. Thuoc began to have suspicions that his grandson might be locked in Giang’s store. The man made a phone call, dialed the suspect, and inquired about it.

Mr. Thuoc said: “He insists he doesn’t know where my nephew is. I asked him to go back to the store to open, but he said he was going to H. Thuong Tin (Hanoi) so he couldn’t come back, then hung up, I didn’t hear any calls.” 

Mr. Thuoc swiftly used a saw to sever the iron door, and then he smashed the glass door of Giang’s milk tea business with a hammer to gain entry. He again became discouraged, though, after calling for his grandson repeatedly at a milk tea establishment that was just 35 meters wide and but not seen.

Finally, a 17-year-old man named Thin found the baby in the freezer of Giang’s store. Mr. Thuoc’s family is extremely grateful for Mr. Thin’s support and considers Mr. Thin as the second father of the baby.

Mr. Thuoc said: “His nephew was pale at that time, his body was cold, and he mumbled a few weak sentences. Everyone took him to the emergency room at the clinic. At the dispensary, they found a shoelace tied around my grandson’s neck. After that, D. was transferred to the emergency room at Ha Nam Children’s Hospital and then Central Children’s Hospital.”

Mr. Thuoc spoke the term “indignation” once more at this point. Regarding his grandson’s present condition, Mr. Thuoc reported that D. has recovered and stabilized. Although he hasn’t had a chance to see his grandson, he misses him and must contact his wife and daughter to see him in the hospital every two to three hours.

We all feel relieved that the baby is safe.